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Chuck Morris dominates 2006 association events!

May 10, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen:


We do not live in this bowling world, Chuck Morris has granted us permission to visit it.Starting in early April Chuck has been on a tear of epic proportions.Chuck led the Ed Rondotís Pro Shop team to the Ann Arbor Bowling Association Championship.His solid 245 final game sparked the team to an Association record 3557 actual.The happy passengers on the Morris express were Travis Raskey, Erik Collar, Ed Rondot and Ron Ellis.The team also won the Handicap event with a score of 3583.Congratulations!


Many of our customers enjoyed success in the Association Championship.John Harook and Peter Angus won Doubles Handicap with a score of 1609.Tim Underwood rolled his first 800 (802) series and a 300 game in doubles.He and his partner Mark Ruhl finished 3rd in the Handicap division.Other top finishers: Erik Collar & Ron Ellis 6th handicap 3rd actual, Kathy Bakula & Chris Strong 7th handicap 9th actual, Gary White & Ryan Rollins 10th handicap 5th actual, Todd Skye & Traci Bettin 7th actual, Dave Bentley & Jim Finn 8th actual.Arnie Deanhofer led all entrants in Singles Handicap with a fine 825. Other top finishers included Bob Grams 3rd, Chris Strong 8th handicap 3rd actual, Adam Smith 9th handicap and Ryan Rollins 6th actual.


The Handicap All Events leaders included: John Harook 3rd, Tim Underwood 4th, and Adam Smith 10th.In the Scratch All Events division Chris Strong earned a 4th place finish, Joe Andrusiak 5th, Ryan Rollins 6th, Dave Bentley 7th, Ron Ellis 8th, and Todd Skye 9th.


A Squad of bowlers recruited by Ed Rondotís Pro Shop ventured out to the Michigan State tournament three weeks after the completion of our Association Tournament.†† Chuck Morris blistered team event again with a 780 series, leading WWW.EDRONDOTSPROSHOP.COM to a scratch series of 3592 and a second place finish! Their 3608 handicap score finished fifth.Congratulations to the entire team: Chuck Morris-780, Bill Risner-654, Ron Ellis-774, Tom Jane-672, and Jeff Steinhaus-721.†††


The excitement continued into the minor events for Chuck.He captured the Actual All Events title with a score of 2309, the second highest ever in the State Tournament. I donít think his feet will touch the ground for a few months!


The fifteen minutes of fame may have focused on Chuck, but there were other great efforts as well.Mike Abbey opened the team events with an outstanding 782 series that highlighted his 10th place Actual All Events score of 2234.Johnny Epps Jr. unleashed his smooth stroke in Team Event with games of

289-300-221 earning his first 800 series (810).Lori Fennell flirted with her first 700, but fell 8 pins shy with games of 245-246-201.


The month of April was filled with outstanding bowling!I want to thank everyone for participating in all of the events.If you missed this yearís excitement, keep your eyes open.Most of the tournamentsí entry blanks are published early in the bowling season.I have reserved spots for next yearís State Tournament for the last weekend of April.You must get your information and money to me by October 1, 2006 to secure your spot for next season.†† The deadline for non-reserved entries falls right around Thanksgiving.Avoid the last minute panic and fill out your forms early.I can help find individuals to complete teams, but you need to act early!


Calendar of Events

All Shootouts $40.00 Entry Fee


May 26, 2006 Summer Kickoff Shootout

Maplewood Lanes 7:30 P.M.


July 1, 2006 Billy HOpen! Shootout

Maplewood Lanes 3:30 P.M.

Cookout and Entertainment afterwards


September 1, 2006 Labor Day Shootout

Maplewood Lanes 7:30 P.M.





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