Bennett Ball Review

Stormís Paradigm


In October, I drilled a Storm Paradigm.Pin is over the middle finger, mass bias is just right of the thumb.I altered the surface by sanding it lightly.This resulted in a 5-1/2 inch pin position with the mass bias in the strong area.The ball was sanded to help tame a big snap reaction of this pearlized ball as it made the transition from oil to dry.


This drill pattern was chosen to help me with a problem that I tend to have dealing with back to front wet-dry lane conditions.The drill pattern is one pattern that I found works well for me on most league lane conditions.However, make sure you discuss this exotic pattern with Ed before you try it.


The Storm Paradigm has been a great ball for me.To start with, I have found over the years that the Storm core designs are second to none.The recent increase in power of the new Storm coverstocks permits me to throw Storm equipment on all lane conditions.The Paradigm gets through the heads very clean.This ball is more angular than most at the break point.This has helped me with not only the back to front wet-dry, but the side to side wet-dry as well.Finally, this ball hits hard.My carry percentage with this ball is very high.


I strongly recommend this ball to any player looking to add a high performance ball to their arsenal.Of course, I will always recommend a ball that gets me a 300 within the first 10 games.