Tech Tips


Do you have that one ball that just fits perfect?Have you ever tried to get it copied only to be frustrated at every turn?Try using a thumb mold.Ed Rondotís Pro Shop offers a product called Exactacator thumb mold.We create a die of your favorite thumb hole and then mold each new slug around that die.It works like a charm.


Has your old ball lost the punch but you arenít ready to buy a new one?There are many ways to restore your old ball.Brunswick endorses the use of the Revivor oven to extract the oil from the coverstock using low temperature, even heat.Ebonite suggests using Hook Again to revive the performance.If the track is heavily scarred from use it can be resurfaced in combination with either of these processes.Maintaining a clean surface extends the life of a bowling ball better than anything.Rely on cleaners specifically designed for bowling balls, save the Windex or 409 for the kitchen countertop.