Congratulations to all of our customers and their great achievements. If you have a success story please send us a picture and all of the details.
Congratulations to Doug McIntire for shooting a stellar 277-268-255=800 with a Track Rising hot off the drill press. UPDATE!! Doug rolled a fantastic 300 and 772 with his Rising on 2/19/08.
Congratulations to Rod Radant for shooting a 300 on 8/15/2007 and a 299 on 1/6/2008 with his NVS!
Congratulations to Dennis Arend for shooting a 299 and 790 series with his NVS!
Congratulations to Tammy Rondot for shooting a perfect 300 with her Paradigm!
Congratulations to Ed Rondot for rolling 244-300-267=811 using his Brunswick Fury!
Even Ed could not believe the power of the Fury.
Yeah, I am living the high life thanks to my Brunswick Fury :)
Traci Bettin Rolled an outstanding 808 with her Ebonite Big One.
Todd Skye brushed with perfection rolling 299 with the Brunswick Vapor Zone.

Ed Rondot's Pro Shop set the Arbor Valley 5 man team series record 3695

Their balls of choice: Bill Risner: Brunswick Vapor Zone, Chuck Morris: Brunswick Vapor Zone, Rich Smith: Storm Eraser, Marc Klinger: Ebonite Big One, and Ed Rondot: Brunswick Fury & Roto Grip Horizon.