Congratulations to all of our customers and their great achievements. If you have a success story please send us a picture and all of the details.
Congratulations to Jim Hagood who rolled his first 300 game in over 10 years on March 6th. He said "It's been a long time coming!". He rolled that perfecto with a Hammer No Mercy drilled at Ed Rondot's Pro Shop.
Congratulations to Duane Radant, a loyal Ed Rondot's Pro Shop customer, who just rolled his first 600 series (183-190-240=613) on the last day of the Ford Invitational Trio at Maplewood Lanes.
Congratulations to Kara Richard who rolled two 300 games and an 810 series with her Black Widow Bite at the High School State singles championship!
Congratulations to Bill Dennison who rolled a perfect 300 with his Special Agent. Bill is 77 and is believed to be the oldest player to roll a pefect game in Arbor Valley USBC Association play! You can read more about his story in the Ann Arbor News here.
Congratulations to Cindy Rohraff who shot a great 707 series (225, 215, 267) with her Paradigm.
Mark Stuart bought a Blast Zone in August and rolled his first 600 series (604) on November 16, 2007 then shot his first 700 (704) January 25, 2008. I guess he likes his ball!
Dawn Divert shot her first 600 (on the nose) in the Arbor Valley Challenge tournament January 19, 2008 throwing her Brunswick Fury Pearl.
Josh Mizell bought a T-Road Pearl December 20, 2007 and just shot his first 800 (258+267+279=804) in Colonial Lanes Junior Program. Yes he is just 19!
Ryan Rollins rolled a 300 game January 28, 2008 in the Maplewood Classic league using his Columbia Resurgence bought at Ed Rondot's Pro Shop.
Jason Straub (former Milan High School Varsity bowler) rolled a perfect 300 game in Maplewood Lanes' junior league January 19th.